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Drinks infused with high-quality taste! AIMS is a brand synonymous with quality, great taste, and innovation. Our passion to innovate is reflected in the zeal with which we have created a range of beverages. Backed with over 20 years of experience in the production of consumer goods we are happy to launch our beverages branded as Sailor, Frutas and Rebellion. Whether it is carbonated soft drink, bottled pulp juice, or club soda, we have striven to achieve distinct flavors so that we can offer an unparalleled beverage drinking experience to our consumers. Suitable for all climates and all age groups, our beverages are created under leading edge state of art production facility. Aimed at achieving excellence and towards fulfilling our consumer’s expectations, our very brand name is inspired by the AIM of being able to achieve this very high benchmark that we set for ourselves.


AIMS believes in upholding quality and benchmarking standards of production. Our infrastructure comprises machines such as high-end water purifiers and leading-edge production equipment’s which not only provide optimum quality output, it also enhances the taste of all our drinks. Thus, quality and taste are two benchmarks we have striven for and take pride in and our infrastructure empowers us to achieve these excellent results.


Our machines provide amazing products given that they are designed to achieve both benchmarking quality and great taste backed with high safety standards. Whether it is Frutas, Rebellion, or Sailor- all are produced by leading-edge machinery that can achieve highly customized products that form our brand identity.


Given our directors' expertise in producing leading-edge consumer goods they are entrusted with the responsibility of carving the niche at AIMS beverages. Our directors have an intrinsic quality of nurturing innovation and they have an eye for detail and great taste. Dedication, sincerity, innovation, foresight, and efficient decision making are some of the many attributes that our directors bring to the team. All in all, a team that AIMS together, creates wonders such as Frutas, Sailor, and rebellion together!


Known for attributes such as dedication, teamwork, innovation, and hard work, our team enjoys achieving great results.


Quality is our forte achieved by design. At AIMS we provide utmost attention to creating quality products given our objective to provide our consumers with a brand they will enjoy consuming at all times.


Research and Development form an integral part of our approach given our team's emphasis on innovation. All our products are an outcome of well-done research and know-how into beverage making. Known for its efficiency in adapting to the demands of the growing market of consumer goods products- our R and D team strives for excellent quality at all times.

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1. Mission

To create a brand of beverages that are known for excellent quality and taste.

2. Vision

To distribute quality drinks across India and expand our network to wider territories in the forthcoming years.

3. Core Purpose

To energize & purify every soul on the planet.

4. Core Values

1. Uncompromised Quality 2. Satisfactory Customer Service 3. Innovative Always 4. Transparency & Honesty